Cannabis Consultants

The new legal cannabis market can be confusing and even overwhelming when trying to find what best suits your personal recreation needs. Whether you are looking to enhance mediation, uplift your hikes, or just chill out after a long day we can help you find what fits best!

Looking to buy new gear? Never really been a great joint roller? Or maybe you would rather vape or consume edibles. We can help with that too.

Take the guesswork out of enjoying your cannabis experience. Bartenders and servers help you find that new drink that hits the spot, however, budtenders in cannabis stores are fairly restricted as to what they can advise.

Our consultants are not restricted by the same rules because we do not sell cannabis (that being said, we do not offer medical advice of any kind). We advise on what to buy and may even pick it up for you if needed, but we do not sell cannabis for profit. You will pay exactly what the store receipt says, not a nickel more!

Contact us for more information.