Episode 21: The Least Educational Educational Weed Show

August 15, 2020

It’s episode 21! We’re legal all over the world 🙂

We freestyle this episode even more than we usually do, and the result is a charming conversation that revolves around cannabis home delivery, COVID masks, and the title of your sex tape.

..News, Talk, Weed…

Strains of the week:
Cory – BOAZ Platinum Gelato
Iain – Delta 9 Lava Cake and Stargazer mix in a King Palm Rollie
Jackie – Good Supply Royal Highness

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Links and references

Ted Talk: Solving COVID with Far-UVC

Uncle Rob: Using fire to prove masks work 

The Ballad of Zeke & Tall Guy: Iain’s short stories about a dog and his man

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